New Patients

Fitchburg Office Appointments

Appointments are reservations of time to provide needed treatment for you.

We will always try to give you an appointment that fits your schedule, but some treatments require certain timing to be effective, so we need you to be flexible in those cases.

Broken appointments are a loss for everybody.

Please help us to provide the best possible treatment for you by making a commitment to your treatment plan and don't make appointments if you are not sure you can keep them. 

We reserve the right to charge a fee for any appointment broken with less than one full working days notice.

Frequent broken appointments reflect a lack of commitment to one's dental health. Please communicate with us regarding any situation that might prevent you from completing your treatment plan.

We do make courtesy calls one working day before appointments to confirm, but it is still the patient's responsibility to remember their reservation.

The First Appointment

The first appointment is a time in which we try to gather as much basic information about the condition of your mouth as possible. This is a one hour appointment.

We start with a screening exam of your gum tissue health. This will help determine what kind of x-rays we will need. See our X-ray page for a more detailed explanation of our philosophy regarding radiographs.

Then x-rays are taken, followed by a comprehensive exam to determine whether you have any decay, deteriorating fillings, orthodontic problems, aesthetic concerns, or gum disease. An oral cancer exam is also done.

The results of the exam will determine whether a cleaning can be done properly in the time remaining that day. Many times it can, but if there is moderate to severe gum disease, we will need to discuss what treatment and time is needed to help you.

Driving Directions

From Madison: Take Fish Hatchery Rd. south to the Fitchburg Ridge Shopping Center.
Enter near the Dairy Queen and proceed to the south end of the parking lot.

From Verona/Oregon: Take Fish Hatchery Rd. north to Traceway Dr.
Enter the drive alongside our building.